Launched Ascent Pick, AI Software for Robot Picking

Ascent's Software Installed Robot Arm
A Robot Arm powered by Ascent's AI Solution

Ascent Pick, AI Software for Robotic Picking

Ascent Pick is a software-based system for robotic picking in manufacturing and logistics. The solution uses inexpensive cameras and has an intuitive and easy-to-use web-based UI. This increases production line productivity while reducing both hardware and integration costs. The solution uses a superior recognition engine that incorporates machine learning to handle complex workpiece geometries. The Ascent Pick solution can be applied to a wide variety of robots.


  1. Unstable workpiece recognition/grasping due to low sensitivity and external disturbances
  2. Workpiece/hand/box interference preventing grasping
  3. Long recognition time and tact time
  4. Difficult to prepare data for AI training
  5. Expensive (high-resolution/high-specification) cameras and edge devices are required
  6. Difficult and time-consuming setup and maintenance

Solution by Ascent Pick

  1. Resistant to disturbances such as brightness change, and can also work with various materials and wide variety of workpiece shapes
  2. Can consider potential interference between multiple workpieces, the workpieces and gripper, as well as the workpieces and the environment such as container walls.
  3. Machine learning based recognition engine significantly reduces scene recognition time
  4. No real data or human labeling required for AI training
  5. Works with inexpensive cameras
  6. Easy to deploy without complex configuration and adjustment