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Ascent Pick

Easy to Use, Universal, & Minimal Errors

Ascent Pick is an advanced software-based system used for automated object picking and kitting, which can be used in any type of manufacturing facility. Our solution is unique because it utilizes inexpensive perception hardware, and is straightforward and quick to set-up with an intuitive web-based UI. Ascent Pick results in lower costs and a dramatic increase in the productivity of manufacturing lines.

We have designed and developed an advanced perception engine that is able to handle objects of complex and various shapes. More importantly it avoids collisions in the picking and kitting area, reducing wasted time and errors on the line. Ascent Pick can be universally adapted to different robots, making the possibilities more scalable than ever before.

Ascent Pick Highlights

  • Easy and quick to deploy without complicated programming
  • Works with a wide variety of complex shaped and sized objects 
  • Inexpensive camera hardware 
  • Eliminates the need for real data and human labeling
  • Compatible with various robot manufacturers and types
  • Supports both suction and parallel gripper

Fixed Manipulators

Ascent Pick is unique in that it is applicable across the manufacturing industry. It can be utilized for bin picking, kitting, and machine loading applications in structured, semi-structured, or unstructured environments. It can be universally applied to objects of complex shapes and any color. 

Mobile Manipulators

Ascent Pick can be utilized with robotic arms that are mounted on mobile robots, resulting in a truly versatile object-handling system.
Are you wondering how Ascent Pick could work for your manufacturing application? Let us know in the form and we will respond to discuss how your company can benefit from Ascent Pick.


Custom Solutions

Tailor-made Solutions to Fit Every Requirement 

Ascent Robotics has a talented and skilled product development teams experienced in building robotic systems. With our unique knowledge, we are happy to offer specific and customized solutions to handle any factory automation issue your business may face. If Ascent Pick does not match your exact requirements and you are wondering if it is compatible with your current system – just ask us and we will be happy to talk with you about what will work best for your individual situation. We are able to work with each of our customers on bespoke solutions that are tailor-made specifically for unique automation needs.



Industrial Robotics

Advanced AI Robotics to Fit
Every Manufacturing Situation
Ascent Robotics creates AI solutions for the next-generation of industry automation. One of the main issues with the current manufacturing industry is that it is stuck with expensive, rigid, and out-dated automation processes that are forcing businesses to remain in the past. At Ascent we want to propel automation further into the future than ever before. We are committed to designing and building cost effective and easy to use solutions for all robotics applications. Our first advanced robotics grasping product is a software-based AI system that enables seamless object manipulation in any type of environment.
Even though our camera hardware is inexpensive for the end user, our robotic systems are able to understand the world around it by leveraging powerful computer vision algorithms. This is what sets our systems apart from others. Utilizing RGBD images, our system constructs accurate 3D models of the environment that are utilized for motion planning and decision making.
Our system is capable of supporting multiple types of manufacturing machines, making it truly versatile. It supports both suction grippers and parallel grippers, which makes it applicable for picking objects of various and complex shapes. Ascent’s unique object grasping technology enables robots to pick specific target objects from a cluttered, fast-moving environment. This ensures that the planned grasps will not collide with surrounding objects and obstacles, creating a safe, efficient, and cost-effective solution to the manufacturing process.
Ascent’s advanced and deep sensory networks recognize different objects in images, as well as estimate their accurate 6DoF pose in the real world space. Our robust system is trained entirely on a large body of diverse synthetic data and is able to handle different environmental conditions in the real world. The networks are optimized to offer real-time performance updates and high accuracy.

At Ascent Robotics we are equipped with a proprietary simulator that produces realistic looking synthetic RGBD images that are then used to train deep learning models. It is scalable over on-premise or cloud-compute, delivering great flexibility in the speed of data generation. Synthetic data is generated from an object CAD model, which ensures the object has a correct visual appearance from every possible angle.

about us


AI and Robotics

Ascent Robotics is a unique and dynamic AI company, founded in Tokyo in 2016. We develop intelligent solutions for industrial robotics and autonomous mobility. Working in collaboration with our industry-leading partners, we strive to deliver scalable and dynamic software to achieve true machine autonomy. We leverage cutting-edge research and development in artificial intelligence, robotics and simulation.

Ascent employees stretch around the globe, creating an environment of passionate, engaged, and highly technical professionals that have a desire to create the future.

We thrive in a fast-paced environment that allows us to deliver products to our clients when needed and on schedule. Through all of this we maintain a balance of structure and flexibility alongside a culture that fosters both the value of creativity and the pursuit of excellence.

intelligent solutions for industrial robotics and autonomous mobility


Ken Kutaragi

Ken Kutaragi

Chief Executive Officer

Marko Simic

Marko Simic

Chief Technology Officer

Masayuki Ishizaki

Masayuki Ishizaki

Chief Operating Officer

Yosuke Sakai

Yosuke Sakai

Head of Finance and Legal

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The process is easy: Simply fill in this form, including the object CAD model that will be used for your application. We will inspect the CAD model and run simulations to better understand how Ascent Pick can be utilized. If Ascent Pick can be applied, we will request real objects in order to conduct a “live” test of the solution to ensure everything will run flawlessly. You will receive updates and videos of how the Ascent Pick performs, communicating with you for each step of the process. If your application would be better suited for a bespoke solution, we will work with you to create exactly what your system needs.

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Ken Kutaragi, CEO of Ascent Robotics Inc., becomes Dean of the Faculty of Informatics, Kinki University

Kutaragi Seminar: 'INNOVATION' will start on April 22, 2022



At Ascent's iREX2022 Booth: Bridgestone debuts their new soft gripper built with artificial muscles

Designed to mimic human hands to grip delicate items.



Ascent Robotics showcasing Technologies at International Robot Exhibition 2022

A Quick Tour of Ascent’s Booth



2022 1 月20





アセントロボティクス株式会社(本社:東京都渋谷区、代表取締役社長:久夛良木健、以下「当社」)は、この度、シリーズB資金調達ラウンドにおいて、SBI グループ、及びソニーグループ株式会社を引受先とした第三者割当増資を実施いたしました。




















・LSI 設計










求人情報 URL :





会社名  : アセントロボティクス株式会社

本社所在地: 東京都渋谷区広尾1-6-10

代表者  : 代表取締役社長 久夛良木 健

設立   : 2016年9月9日

URL   :



Ascent Robotics, Inc. (headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Ken Kutaragi) has raised 1 billion yen through a third-party allotment to SBI Group and Sony Group Corporation in its Series B funding round.

Purpose of the Fundraising:

With this funding, we will work on the development of intelligent robot systems that utilize the advanced AI technology to meet the growing trend of further automation in the logistics field on a global scale due to the impact of COVID-19.

In addition, we will invest in the development of various sensing technologies for ‘Digital-Twin’, which is rapidly gaining momentum in the market.

At the same time, we will accelerate the hiring of exceptional engineers from within Japan and overseas, aiming to further strengthen our development capabilities.

Hiring Details:

We are hiring software and robotics engineers in order to accelerate the development of new products. If you are passionate about AI, robotics, and software engineering, and want to work in a challenging, international, and diverse startup environment, this is the place for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Engineering positions

  • Robotics Engineer
  • Simulation Engineer
  • Field Engineer
  • System Engineer
  • LSI Designer
  • API Developer

Business Development positions

  • Sales Manager
  • Business Development Staff

We are also hiring for other positions not listed here. Please refer to the following website for details:

Company Profile:

Ascent Robotics develops and sells innovative AI products under active industry-academia collaboration by top engineers from all over the world.

Company name: Ascent Robotics, Inc.

Headquarters: 1-6-10 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Representative: Ken Kutaragi, CEO

Established: September 9, 2016



Capital and Business Alliance Agreement with Ascent Robotics, Inc.

Ascent Robotics and Yamazen Corporation signed a business alliance agreement on January 31, 2021, involving a capital investment in Ascent. Yamazen will acquire Convertible Equity rights issued by Ascent, while Ascent will use the procured funds to accelerate development.

Outline and purpose of the capital and business alliance
Ascent has developed a group of intelligent solutions for industrial robots and autonomous mobile robots that utilize AI, and has begun selling and providing software that utilizes these intelligent solutions to the manufacturing and logistics industries.

Yamazen handles a wide range of equipment for production sites, including labor-saving and automation robots, machine tools, industrial equipment, etc. and has a particularly strong track record in introducing such equipment to production sites. In addition, Yamazen has sales offices in major cities in 16 countries around the world, including Japan, and is expanding its sales channels globally.

Through this alliance, Ascent will use the funds raised to further accelerate its research and development, introduce attractive solutions for the rapidly expanding automated robotics market in a timely manner, and utilize Yamazen’s global sales channels to further expand its business in the future.

Yamazen will begin selling robot systems equipped with Ascent’s software solutions to a wide range of customers in Japan and overseas, utilizing its own global sales channels. Through this business alliance, Yamazen will actively promote the development of new customers and differentiated labor-saving and automation proposals in addition to the products it already handles.



アセントロボティクス株式会社 (東京都渋谷区、代表取締役兼CEO:久夛良木健 以下「アセント」)および株式会社山善(本社:大阪市西区、代表取締役社長:長尾雄次 以下「山善」)は、2021年1月31日、アセントへの資本出資を伴う業務提携契約を締結しました。












その第一弾としてアセントは、ロボットシステムの導入前のティーチング(教示)プロセス等に多大の時間とコストが必要だったことから自動化ソリューションの導入に二の足を踏んでいた中小の製造業に向けて、「Ascent Pick 1.0

(注:数値はバージョンを指す)をベースとしたソリューションの販売を開始しました。「Ascent Pick 1.0」とは、煩雑なティーチングプロセスが不要で、部品とロボットハンドのCADデータを用いてAIを事前に学習させることで、バラ積みされた部品を正確にハンドリングすることを目的とした、ライトウェイトな自動ピッキングソフトウェアです。様々な種類のロボットアームとも組み合わせて搭載できる汎用性もその特長の一つです。さらに、「Ascent Pick 1.0」のラインナップとして、正確な部品の配置も可能にした「Ascent Pick & Place 1.0


今後開発が予定されている次世代「Ascent Pick 2.0







(お問合せ窓口)アセントロボティクス株式会社 担当:石﨑、豊浦








アセントロボティクス代表取締役兼CEO 久夛良木健のコメント『アセントロボティクスのさらなる飛躍に向けて、最高経営責任者としてテクノロジーとビジネスの両面においてチームを強力に牽引し、次世代自動運転システム(AV)と多彩な自律Robot群による未来の到来に期待が膨らむこのタイミングで、アセントロボティクスが一段とその取り組みを加速できるよう舵を取ることを楽しみにしています。』 


Ascent Robotics Announces New CEO Ken Kutaragi

Former Sony senior executive steps in to accelerate the Tokyo-based AI venture towards the next phase of growth

Tokyo, Japan – September 8, 2020 — Ascent Robotics Board of Directors announces the appointment of Ken Kutaragi as Chief Executive Officer – effective August 26, 2020.  Mr. Kutaragi, globally acknowledged as the visionary behind the creation of Sony’s PlayStation, will be taking the leadership reigns from Masayuki Ishizaki, who co-founded Ascent Robotics and has been CEO since 2017.  Mr. Ishizaki remains on the Ascent Robotics board and has transitioned to the role of COO on the executive team.

Ken Kutaragi, well known as the ” Father ofPlayStation,” was the former chairman and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment (formerly known as Sony Computer Entertainment) – the computer game division of Sony, retiring in 2007.  Mr. Kutaragi was also COO, Executive Vice President and Board Director at Sony Corporation, from where he retired in 2005.    Over the past decade, Mr. Kutaragi has been engaged in the venture community, supporting entrepreneurs and fellow pioneers who share his passion for breakthrough innovation in how machinesand human engage and interact.

Mr. Kutaragi first encountered Ascent Robotics in 2017 through his support ofinnovative technology start-ups, and joined Ascent’s Board of Directors in 2018.   As Ascent Robotics continues to advance their solutions to deliver machine autonomy across industrial robotics, mobility and more, Mr. Kutaragi’s transition into an executive and operational role will further accelerate Ascent’s momentum within the fast-growing ecosystem.  “I am thrilled to be joining Ascent at this critical period of commercial application and development”, says Mr. Kutaragi, “I look forward to driving Ascent to emerge as one of the leading pioneers in next-generation AI and true machine autonomy.”.

Founded in 2016, Ascent Robotics is a Tokyo-based AI venture, developing intelligent solutions for industrial robotics and mobility.  In collaboration with customers across manufacturing, robotics, and automotive industries, Ascent’s is “building the new code for machine autonomy – made in Japan, made for the World”

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