Our AI solution takes intelligent robotics to the next level

The eyes and brains of Ascent Robotics system and Bridgestone’s soft robotic hands will transform the robot industry status quo

Our Vision

We provide advanced robotics software that can handle a diverse range of objects with flexibility and operate autonomously in response to the on-site environment, while also collaborating with humans. Our software is designed to go beyond the capabilities of conventional robots, which are typically limited to performing routine, repetitive tasks.


Our intelligent robot systems incorporate cutting-edge AI technology and a range of sensing technologies that are well-suited to the rapidly evolving market of the ‘Digital-Twin era’. This allows us to deliver highly advanced solutions that meet the needs of our clients and keep pace with the latest industry trends.

Intelligent Robotic Systems

We are developing intelligent robotic systems that can operate more human-like, flexibly, and autonomously using AI technology

State-of-the-art vision systems

We are developing a new vision system that can read not only conventional 2D and 3D images but also the materials and textures of the target object, as well as the specifications — such as nutritional info — attached to the item.


Ascent is developing advanced scanning technology to convert various groups of items into digital assets at high speed and with high accuracy


Ascent Pick

Ascent Pick is an AI software solution designed for robot picking in manufacturing and logistics. It is easy to implement, doesn’t require complex programming, and can handle various materials and item shapes.

AI Piece Picking for Logistics

Ascent offers a comprehensive AI software solution for both robotic picking and product information acquisition. Our software can efficiently handle tasks such as determining an item’s size, shape, appearance, weight, and text information, which are critical for automating warehouse operations on-site.

Packing Simulator

Our Packing Simulator software provides a simple and efficient solution for packing multiple objects into a container without wasting any valuable space.



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