Solving labor shortages – AI robot picking solves problems at logistics and manufacturing sites

AscentPick is an advanced AI software solution for robotic picking in logistics and manufacturing. Its powerful recognition engine, which incorporates machine learning and an intuitive web-based user interface, enables high picking accuracy and easy implementation.

Our proprietary AI training environment automatically generates vast amounts of image data. It completes AI training in a single process, significantly reducing the time and effort required to develop highly robust AI models.

Our system is compatible with various robot manufacturers and hands, making it easy to introduce and customize according to the customer’s specific use case and peripheral equipment.

・Highly resistant to disturbances such as changes in brightness and works with a variety of materials and shapes.
・Considers interference between workpieces, workpieces and hands, workpieces and boxes, etc.
・Machine learning-based recognition engine significantly reduces recognition time.
・No real data or human labeling is required for AI training.
・Compatible with various robot manufacturers and hands.