Solutions to Labor Shortage at Warehouses

AI Piece Picking for Logistics is a packaged AI software solution for acquiring a wide variety of product information such as size, shape, appearance, weight, and text information handled at logistics sites and for piece-picking by robots.

AI Piece Picking & Placement

・Automatic generation of high-quality digital assets of a wide variety of products using advanced scanning technology.
・AI learning for recognition and picking is performed based on the acquired digital assets, enabling piece-picking of a wide variety of products.
・Objects are placed in optimal positions and postures based on the target products’ shape, texture, and characteristics.
・Support for sorting and inspection by scanning barcodes in a series of movements from picking to placing.
・Integration with warehouse systems is possible through interfaces with WMS/WCS.

Digital Asset

・2D/3D data and structured text information are used for product master data and digital marketing.