Nathawan, Software Engineer, Thailand
“At Ascent, I have gotten to experience how a workplace can be productive and have a relaxed atmosphere at the same time. Everyone here is very skilled and respect each other’s ideas. It made me feel valued and it allows me to continue developing my skills and perform better.”


Tom, Senior Research Engineer, Australia
“At Ascent, I work with a brilliant team, tackling some juicy problems using the latest equipment and research. As an engineer, there’s not much more that I could ask for”


Jilada, Robotics Engineer, New Zealand
“As a new graduate, Ascent provides me with an amazing opportunity to learn and grow from the most amazing engineers and researchers from all around the world in an exciting and fast-paced industry.”


Lanke, Robotics Engineer, China
It’s exciting working with smart and experienced colleagues from different backgrounds. This allows me to put out my best robotics work while also applying and learning best practices tested across different engineering disciplines. is optimised for users with JavaScript enabled. Please visit this page to see a detailed breakdown of the positions we are hiring for.